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Nikon B500 vs Canon SX530 – What’s the Difference?

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The Canon SX530 along with the Nikon B500 are fantastic small sensor superzoom cameras which would be a great option for photographers with an active lifestyles and their pastimes just request developing cameras of this quality.

Most experts are going to tell you it is first of all exactly about the gear. Though any other factors influence the result like colors, composition, lighting, and exposure. But let us concentration in on gear, that is exactly where it all begins. With a huge number of gear options available, that is superior?

Well, we had taken the 2 most prominent makes in the marketplace and hand picked their popular digital cameras for a side-by-side comparability. Our duty is usually to reveal the secrets behind the success of theirs, very, let us get directly in to the action and discover what is very special about them and that one ought to be a good option for you! Nevertheless, keep in your mind that they’re much like one another, and this implies that we won’t easily provide the appropriate answer, since we are going to have to reach every major element of the camera.

Nikon B500 vs Canon SX530 Comparison Overview

With this assessment, we’ll be evaluating Nikon B500 vs Canon SX530, 2 Small Sensor Superzoom digital cameras from Nikon and Canon. Nikon B500 was released in February 2016 and Canon SX530 HS was brought to promote in January 2015. There’s fourteen months distinction between Nikon B500 and Canon SX530 so we do not count on to see an enormous technology difference between these 2 cameras but it’d still offer a benefit to younger B500, particularly in sensor tech.

Both Nikon B500 and Canon SX530 digicams have 16.0MP 1/2.3″ receptors.

Nikon B500

It is easy to utilize, comfortable, inexpensive, provides Hd video recording, and also requires great photos because of its price. It’s improved with an LCD slanting display screen for flexible shooting, Bluetooth connectivity, along with a vibration reduction function for much better quality pics, as well as is Bluetooth-Enabled and Wi-Fi. The ideal digital camera for beginners!


  • Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled to relieve uploading and sharing of the photos of yours.
  • It is effortless to make use of. The menus are nicely structured and easily understandable.
  • The tilting LCD display enables flexible viewing of the arena during shooting or perhaps video recording.
  • It enables Hd videos recording. The stereo system picks up sounds; even though the hybrid variation reduction decreases shakiness and jitters for precise, sleek videos.


  • Many customers reported grainy zoomed photographs.
  • It lacks a manual method, that minimizes the creative ability and options to capture the way you would like.
  • The autofocus takes somewhat more to focus, which may be annoying, especially when shooting high action or perhaps sports images.

Canon SX530

The Canon PowerShot SX530 includes higher shutter speed, substantial optical zoom, as well as high sensors for really clear, strong, and top notch images. Nevertheless, it’s no Bluetooth connectivity, rather a low LCD display screen resolution, and absolutely no green sealing and also RAW reputation structure ability. It still, nonetheless, an excellent camera, which many customers love because of its brand consistency.


  • The autofocus feature and huge frames per second number permit shooting high quality action photos
  • It is not difficult to use with a well organized menu and controls
  • Excellent zoom quality
  • It comes with additional accessories, like a cleaning kit, reader and memory card, tripod, replacement battery pack, LCD display screen protector, and cam situation.
  • Optical image stabilization attribute warrants sleek movies devoid of blur and shakiness
  • NFC and Wi-Fi enabled for higher connectivity


  • The LCD display screen is usually a tad too promising on days that are sunny, which makes viewing images extremely difficult
  • Average battery life is reduced. So, you usually carry an additional battery
  • Lenses aren’t interchangeable unless you use a third party adapter. creative choices and photo effects

Nikon B500 and Canon SX530 Features Comparison

  • Weight and size

Size and weight is a huge decision factor when you’re looking for the perfect camera for the needs of yours. In this section, We will illustrate Nikon B500 and Canon SX530 side-by-side from the front side, again and leading in their relative length and width.

  • Sensor

Both Nikon B500 and Canon SX530 are designed with resolution sensors that is 16.0 MP hence sensor size plus resolution isn’t a differentiator between these 2 cameras.

Nikon B500 AND Canon SX530 have sensor measurements so that they are going to provide same level of influence over the level of field when utilized with exact same focal length and aperture.

  • LCD Screen Size as well as Features

Nikon B500 and Canon SX530’s LCD screens has similar diagonal dimensions of 3″.

  • Lens Specs

At f3.00, it’s likewise quicker at widest end. On the tele conclusion, Canon SX530 Camera has 300mm longer than the Nikon B500. Both cameras features a max diaphragm of f6.50.

  • Weather Sealing

Regrettably neither Nikon B500 nor Canon SX530 Canon has some weather type sealing in the body of theirs, so you’ve to provide extra care particularly when you’re shooting outdoors.


In the long run, I’ve to point out I am happy I have launched a detailed introduction concerning these cameras, because although they’re much like one another, they’ve a variety of things which make them be tough and unique to find the correct answer fast.

That is precisely why, I would recommend building a comparison because that is the proper method for you to recognize the differences of theirs and choose the person that you believe would match the specific preferences of yours.

For example, the Canon SX530 HS has a mechanical focusing, larger optical zoom, larger diaphragm length and is less than the Nikon B500. What each of them share in typical will be the absence of weatherproof sealing which both seem to be Wi Fi enabled.

On the other hand, the Nikon B500 has an articulating display that provides a lot more advantages in case you compare it with the Canono SX530 who lacks this particular benefit.

The battery life is better the flash coverage assortment is 1.4m lengthier compared to the SX530HS, has a better way more improved constant shooting speed that may be vital in some circumstances, the max shutter speed about 1/4400s is quicker compared to Canon’s 1/2000s, and finally, the display resolution is ninety nine % higher compared to the SX530 HS.

in case you consult me, I will choose the Nikon B500 since it’s a much better choice and costs under the Cannon SX530 HS, thus, you’ll unlikely regret the decision In case you actually want to buy it!

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