nikon coolpix b500 review

Nikon Coolpix B500 Review

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The Nikon B500 is a good bridge camera with a sixteen megapixel sensor, that is combined with a 40x optical magnification. You are able to likewise trigger an electronic zoom up to 80x. Although there is no manual control, and it cannot shoot in raw format, a variety of shooting modes are offered by it.

As a result, the intended market is beginners and perhaps enthusiasts searching for an easy travel or backup camera.

The B500 is out of the ordinary in using 4 AA batteries as the power source of its, which may be a little more convenient when compared to a proprietary chargeable battery, but calls for extra outlay. It’s a three inch LCD board with 921k dots giving a comprehensive view, the screen is able to tilt up and down, so recording from awkward perspectives is not, well, uncomfortable.

Most cameras that you can discover on the list of the very best digital camera models on a budget do not contain too many high end features but with the main selling point of its, above average 40x optical zoom range, in addition to several other useful functions, Nikon B500 may be discovered on the top part of the greatest point as well as shoot digital cameras checklist.

The Nikon Coolpix B500 Camera retails for 299 dollar or £219.

Nikon Coolpix B500 Features

  • Handling

The Nikon Coolpix B500 features a sizable hand grip with an excellent rubberized grip with a really grippy textured design on it. When using this in conjunction with the thumb hold over the rear on the digital camera it is really simple to pay for best hold of the digital camera, helping it is kept by you steady. There’s no electronic viewfinder, which means you are going to need to make use of the rear screen to create and frame the shots of yours, but fortunately the screen tilts which will help when using the digital camera outside.

There are a variety of settings over the camera, incorporating a mode dial, providing quick access to popular options, as well as macro shooting, publicity compensation, and video recording. The buttons are plainly labelled, and with on screen text detailing the taking modes, the digital camera is simple to use. The menus are plainly presented and text is sharp is simple to read. The screen looks great, and since you are able to tilt the screen you are able to set the screen so that’s is not hard to see when shooting outdoors in sunlight that is bright.

  • Wi-Fi features / Snapbridge

With built in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi you are able to transfer images to the smartphone of yours, and in case yours functions NFC, then creating the connection is also easier. You are able to additionally utilized the app to control remotely, as well as you are able to change the optical zoom. There is an alternative to include GPS information from your smartphone to pictures, in addition to setting the camera ‘s period.

  • Battery

Among the things which make this digital camera my favorite is the blend of long battery life as well as Wi Fi. This feature is rather easy to use and without needing to be concerned about draining the battery much too quickly.

  • Build and Design

This is not really a small camera which can fit into the pocket of yours. In fact, it’s a bit of bulky for the effort as well as shoot camera, but it is still a lot smaller compared to a DSLR. Its size actually leaves space for big right hand grip that enables you to keep the camera comfortably. Additionally, it includes a optical lens that has 40X zoom, and that offers an optimum 900 mm telephoto establishing which ought to suit your needs a lot of the precious time, but bigger zoom lenses are obtainable in the industry in case you want them.

  • Low Light Performance

Shooting in low light reasons, a lot more, information loss but grain is nicely subdued at ISO 800 and also you are able to still acquire some usable pictures up to ISO 1600. Because it does not have an electronic or optical viewfinder, it’s very important it’s the Vibration Reduction system element works well on this particular model to avoid camera shake. Although hand holding the camera, this’s particularly vital if you are not using the tripod.

  • Image Quality

The tiny image sensor of 1/2.3 inch limits the capacity of its to make excellent images. Do not buy me wrong, it does not create bad photographs, but its tiny image sensor just does not allow high quality large print. Images snapped in daytime are accurately, vibrant, and colorful exposed. They look excellent viewed at sizes that are typical.

Nevertheless, the camera ‘s little sensor limitations are evident. Zoomed in to hundred % image size you are able to see that details are not as crisp as you may assume. It becomes all the more evident when capturing distant information in landscaping.


As you are able to see, we’ve a video camera that we can’t claim to be ideal for any of these 5 types of photography, however it is able to still do a great job in case you want it for block, sports or perhaps daily photography.

Nevertheless, considering the price of its, this particular camera produces decent videos and photos. Additionally, having the ability to make use of batteries that you are able to find and purchase at any store is much more awesome than annoying.

This’s a great choice for those with a budget since it comes with a portion of the greatest parts of present day point-and-shoots with a percentage of the well-known elements of 90s cameras.

Obviously, you cannot mix up B500 with an experienced camera, but it’s great for traveling and get away photos for Instagram and Facebook.

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