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Sony HX80 vs. Sony HX90 – Which One is Worth to Buy?

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Several cameras are difficult to run and wind up irritating you no end. Blurry images are not fun, particularly when you are attempting to capture the special moments in life.

Nevertheless, cameras have developed over time. From the massive, white and black, hand, and usually blurry digital cameras of the twentieth century, we today have sleek, little, as well as affordable digital camera models fit for the electronic age.

Sony is a market leader for a lot of years producing high end, imaging products and affordable electronics. We do some research to locate 2 complex digital cameras from this brand that have been somewhat inexpensive and featured high end specs.

Even though the main reason for a digital camera is usually to take pictures and make movies, the Sony HX camera series have one thing extra. When looking at the Sony Sony HX90 vs HX80, you will discover that they each have 30× optical zoom plus Pop up EVF, along with each weigh under 8lbs. The best modern accessory!

After carrying out in depth research, we’ve broken down the options to look for in cameras that are digital, followed by an extensive comparison between Sony HX90 vs HX80 cameras to enable you to zero in on the very best one for you.

Sony HX90V vs Sony HX80 Comparison

With this review, we’ll be comparing HX90V and HX80, 2 Small Sensor Superzoom digital cameras by Sony. Sony HX90V was released in April 2015 and Sony HX80 was brought to promote in 2016. There’s just eleven months difference between HX90V and HX80 so we’re wanting this to become a good comparison concerning grow old and technology level.

Both Sony HX90V and HX80 digicams have 18.0MP 1/2.3″ receptors.

Sony HX90V

The HX90 is the ideal digital camera for nomad photographers. The manual control, built in Wi Fi, and electric viewfinder features make photography a lot more exciting. The one drawback function of the camera is it doesn’t include a memory card.


  • The electronic viewfinder shields you from reflections
  • You are able to zoom on a target without distorting
  • Built-in GPS is perfect for tracking the location of yours
  • The in built Wi Fi supports mobile phones & tablets
  • You are able to work with the tiltable screen to search for the perfect angle for taking videos and photos


  • It doesn’t have an expandable ISO
  • It doesn’t include a memory card

Sony HX80

The HX80 is an exceptional digital camera for outdoor enthusiasts, traveling photographers, and anybody curious in photography on a low cost. It’s an expandable ISO, friendly LCD, good battery life, plus is really affordable. The absence of manual settings as well as GPS location tracking are the one significant disadvantages.


  • The rear LCD monitor could be tilted to 180 amounts, which makes it selfie-friendly
  • Expandable ISO performance range
  • The wifi makes the digital camera easy to incorporate with smart devices
  • The LCD display allows previewing of pictures and browsing of the menu system


  • It doesn’t have GPS for area tracking
  • The 10fps means that you have to initially create onto the memory card before shooting additional shots
Sony HX90 vs HX80: Physical Body and Specs features Comparison

Sony HX90V and HX80’s LCD screens has similar diagonal dimensions of 3″.

Size and weight is a huge decision factor when you’re looking for the perfect camera for the needs of yours. In this section, We’re going to illustrate Sony HX90V and Sony HX80 from the front side, again and leading in their relative length and width.

Both Sony HX80 and Sony HX90V have a good sensor that is designed with 18.0 MP resolution hence sensor size plus resolution isn’t a differentiator between these 2 cameras.


The parallels between the Sony HX90 vs Sony HX80 ensure it is difficult to choose a definite victor, but from our thorough comparison we made the next observations.

Sony HX80 includes a memory card as well as expandable ISO. Nevertheless, best digital camera should have the ability to zoom in on an item from much distance, and also the HX90 is able to do this better compared to the HX80.

The HX90 also utilizes hand control, that the HX80 totally lacks. This function means the photographer has command over the angles when shooting videos or photos.

Both cameras have high quality lenses and also have a hundred dolars difference between them. In the opinion of ours, we’ve the Sony HX90 that includes the additional GPS functions, lighter weight, plus better optical zoom capabilities, in spite of the somewhat higher cost.

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