Canon 60D Vs Canon 70D

Canon 60D Vs Canon 70D: Which is the Difference?

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You now have to resolve a dispute between Canon 60D vs. Canon 70D for being the best in its category for professional photography. Both cameras have excellent focus so that you can capture amazing landscapes with just a press of the photo shutter. Canon 60D was released in August 2010, and Canon 70D was its innovation in July 2013.

Next, you will know what differences both cameras have in size and dimensions, interface, and video quality. You will discover the image resolution that each device has, its autofocus, sensor, and shutter speed. Finally, you can the size of the rear screen in each camera, price, battery life and thus know which is the best.

Canon 60D vs. Canon 70D

Canon EOS 70D VS Canon 60D - Image By photographypx

Both cameras do not change much with a matte black design and its focus camera in gray. These devices are very resistant to falls so that you can keep them for a long time. Without a doubt, they are special cameras for photography enthusiasts like you who are looking for quality and a good purchase price.

Canon 70D is the updated version of Canon 60D, but it is not appearance but slightly increasing some characteristics. You should take the time to compare both cameras’ specifications and notice that some things change. Something relevant in cameras is their manageability, where Canon 70D gives you a touch screen, and its previous version does not have this feature.

Size and dimensions

For the size, the Canon 60D Professional Camera is 145mm long by 106mm high, being very small. This camera is featured with a curvy appearance, making it quite easy to use. In width, the camera measures 79 mm, to see its trigger, flash, firing frequency, among other things.

On Canon 70D, the size decreases to 139mm long by 104mm high, giving it a slightly smaller appearance than Canon 60D. Its curvy design is accentuated a bit more throughout the camera so you can use it comfortably. For the camera’s width, you will have 79 mm, being the only similarity in appearance with the Canon 60D.

If you are concerned about the cameras’ weight, both Canon 60D and Canon 70D have 1.66 pounds or 755 grams. Both cameras are very light, so you don’t feel fatigued when wearing them all day.

User interface and menus

The Canon cameras’ user interface is very basic to capture photos and view them whenever you like. You will have access to “my menu” on both cameras with access to six types of slots. The only difference between Canon 70D and Canon 60D in the menu is its customization in views, which goes from 20 to 23 options.

Video quality

You will have a recording in both cameras in 1080p ultra HD with up to 30 fps to have excellent filming. The recording time is 29 min 59 seconds with the videos you want as long as you have available memory. Canon 70D differs from Canon 60D in video quality because it dominates 90 Mbps while its previous version only 50 Mbps.

Image quality

In Image Quality, you will notice that Canon 60D has a Digic 4 processor that allows you to capture photos at 18 megapixels. With Canon 70D, image quality is improved by its Digic 5 + processor, giving you a higher resolution of 20.2 megapixels. Both cameras’ pixel count is noticeable when you try to take pictures in a low light environment.


With autofocus, the Canon 70D professional camera wins the fight by giving you a dual coverage system covering 19 points. Canon 60D only has the AF system with 9 points, which is unfavorable for good focus. Both cameras have good autofocus, but you will notice that the Canon 70D is preferable if you put them into action.


With Canon 60D vs. Canon 70D, you will notice a huge difference in your sensor because the old version is not touching. The Canon 70D camera gives you a touch screen to navigate your menu with minimal effort. With Canon 60D, you have to use the buttons on the camera’s side to use the interface.

Burst shooting speed

If you use Canon 70D, the burst shooting speed is good at 7.0 Fps per second. With Canon 60D, burst photos’ speed is limited to 5.3 fps per second, seeing quite slow. With the image buffer between Canon 60D vs. Canon 70D, the renewed version gives 65 images, and its previous version only 58 images.

Rear screens

Canon 70D wins for its touch feature for the rear screens, while Canon 60D does not. Both screens have the same size, resolution, and their interface has the same settings.


If you plan to buy one of the cameras, you should know that Canon 70D has a higher price than its predecessor. In quality/price, both cameras have a good balance, making you pay for a good device. You can buy either of the two cameras on the internet by contacting good providers in your country.

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Battery duration

You will perform better with the Canon 70D and its battery life that tolerates 1,100 shots per charge. With Canon 60D, you only get 920 shots per charge, far less than its successor. Both cameras’ battery is LP-E6 although Canon 70D has better energy saving with some available functions.

Canon 60D vs. Canon 70D: Which is the best?

Now that you look at Canon 60D vs. Canon 70D, you should know which is the best based on some key features. Both professional cameras are quality, but the Canon 70D dominates the market for the following:

  • Touch screen

This camera has a touch screen to enjoy your settings quickly and easily. Besides having an integrated Canon 70D touch screen, it also has its basic buttons near the screen.

  • WiFi connection

With Canon 70D, you have a WiFi connection so that you can export your photos to your mobile or shooting areas in bursts.

  • Image and video quality

Although both cameras have a good image and video quality, Canon 70D dominates the fps that it controls, covering 20.2. This camera also gives you the greater stability, burst shooting speed, and autofocus you need.

  • Battery duration

When you go on a trip, what you care about is having a camera that lasts its load like the Canon 70D. You can take up to 1,100 photos and record some videos without the camera shutting down in the process.

  • Size

Although the size is small, you have to opt for the Canon 70D to take up much space while taking it on a trip. A few millimeters make a difference in your life so that you can take your camera anywhere. The photography lens is also inferior to Canon 60D to take note of and buy now.