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Canon 70D vs 80D – Is the Canon 80D better than the 70D?

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The EOS 80D is the most recent in a lengthy line of upper entry level/prosumer camera systems which Canon makes. This line is unique from the Rebel series APS C camera line up including cameras including the T5i and probably the latest T6i. The EOS 70D was the most recent in this particular prosumer grouping until the recently introduced 80D took over. In this comparison post, we’re going to take a look at the Canon EOS 80D as opposed to the EOS 70D.

The 70D was actually a formidable cam, one which many fans found considerable pleasure to shoot with. It was one of 2 original cameras that was included with the groundbreaking dual pixel CMOS auto focusing system.

For whatever reason, Canon happens to be considerate of amateur film makers, along with a testimony to that particular point is their continued goal to bring in sophisticated video making capabilities into their APS C range of cameras.

The dual pixel CMOS AF system is a function that has been tailor made for videographers. This along with other capabilities made the EOS 70D an excellent digital camera in ways that are many. Thus, once the 80D was launched everyone thought this would be only a subtle advertising effort, a brand new brand, and several tweaked features.

Canon 80D vs. 70D Comparison

  • Sensor Resolution and Size

Both the EOS 70D as well as the 80D are APS C cameras. The resolution, nonetheless, is different.

The improved resolution leads to a bigger file size. The 70D could create PEG stills of the dimensions 5472 x 3648 pixels. In comparison to it the 80D is able to yield uncompressed RAW plus big fine JPEGs of the dimensions 6000 x 4000 pixels.

  • Body Design

As the old saying goes; in case it is not broke, do not fix it. This’s a lot the method Canon got towards the 80D. It looks virtually the same to the 70D. Both have exactly the same polycarbonate as well as magnesium alloy frame, with the one disparities becoming the page layout of several of the inclusion and the buttons of a headphone jack on the Canon 80D camera. Besides that, these cameras equally follow Canon’s clear DSLR design.

  • Image Processor

Even though the 70D Camera was designed with 5+ image processing system, the more recent 80D has the enhanced DIGIC six image processing engine. The quicker picture processor advances the processing speed of the digital camera along with enhancing the constant shooting speed.

  • Dual Pixel CMOS Autofocus

A great deal has been written about the dual pixel CMOS auto focusing system on this site. I won’t make another attempt in this case. To simply put specifics to perspective the dual pixel CMOS auto focusing contained in the EOS 70D is contained in the EOS 80D.

The product is a fantasy come true for videographers searching for constant auto focusing. The very best thing but still would be that the device works with the most recent STM lenses by Canon.

  • Burst and Continuous Shooting

Both cameras are able to capturing constant shots at 7fps. The difference, because of the greater processor in the canon 80D Camera, is just how long they are able to keep on doing it. The 70D requires around twenty constant photos in JPEG structure before lagging out. The 80D can deal with well more than hundred shots. And the canon 70D camera capture around twelve photos constant, whilst the 8D requires around twenty four. This difference really matters in case you are recording a moving target, like in nature or sports photography.

  • Still Images

As we have watched above, the resolution of pictures created by the 80D is much better compared to the predecessor of its. The 80D additionally outperforms the 70D in regards to dynamic range and also ISO.

  • Shutter Speed

Another similarity between the 2 cameras certainly is the shutter speed. Both the 70D as well as the 80D have probably a fastest shutter speed of 1/8000 associated with a second. This’s because of the standard electronically controlled focal plane shutter located in both cameras.

  • ISO

The ISO selection of the 80D is in excess of the original 70D; 100 16000 compared to 100 12800. It is not only the range which is enhanced though; the 80D generates hardly any sound throughout its ISOs. A characteristic recognized as ISO invariance occurs within the 80D and results in small noise being made at time of shooting and in post production when setting light settings.

Canon EOS 70D VS 80D Comparison

Canon EOS 70D

The Canon 70D is an extremely well rounded digital camera for starting to intermediate photographers. It’s all of the characteristics you’d anticipate in a DSLR in its cost range. While it is not the most recent DSLR around and is discontinued by Canon, it’s worth looking at before shelling out a significantly bigger sum of cash.


  • Impressive autofocus in video
  • Excellent image quality
  • Articulated touchscreen
  • Competitively priced
  • Solid build quality


  • Video quality can be better
  • No headphone socket
Canon EOS 80D

Canon 80D is a good, well built, well rounded DSLR. The regulators are sensibly arranged. It’s awesome ergonomics and a great feature set. The picture quality is great with lots of detail, especially at the low sensitivity settings. It’s definitely a worthy update of the Canon 70D.


  • Efficient and fast AF system
  • 24MP detailed pictures are delivered by sensor
  • Excellent build quality
  • Superb LCD screed


  • You cannot customize the Quick Menu
  • You will need a while to perfect the AF system
Canon 70D VS 80D: What type Must you Buy?

As we have seen, each of these cameras have the merits of theirs. The original 70D was a really good mid range DSLR when it released, which still has up now. The 80D has taken all that was great about its predecessor and enhanced on it. It is much better at continuous shooting, video capture, low-light photography, and produces higher resolution images.

Buy the 80D

You are searching for a mid range DSLR which excels at video capture. If you know a little about photography and just how cameras work, you will have the ability to improve on the craft of yours with this particular digital camera. When you do a great deal of nature or sports photography, the 80D is much better than the 70D as it’s a faster rate of constant shooting. General it is certainly the better of the 2 cameras in case you are able to afford it.

Buy the 70D

You are planning to buy a mid range DSLR and wish to save some cash. The 70D is somewhat less than the 80D. It does not perform too but it is well suited to the passionate amateur who desires to update from a compact.