canon g9x vs sony rx100

Canon G9X VS Sony RX100 Comparison

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When I’ve made some other comparisons about the cameras, I have stated these cameras are more focused on folks that are not really into photography; however, they simply need a video camera, so they are able to save the memories of theirs. Nevertheless, this’s not the situation with these 2 cameras, since they are very high-end regarding features and performance-wise.

Nowadays, I am going to make head-to-head comparability about the Sony RX100 vs. the Canon G9X, you might have read about them, watched them in motion or perhaps even used them occasionally, but in case you are not sure in case you need to buy one of these camera ‘s or otherwise, these days I am going to help you clear that doubt.

These kinds of cameras are pretty small together with the essential designed operation, automated systems for identifying the coverage choices, & amp; they’ve flash units built-in.

By the conclusion of this content, I feel that you are going to have plenty of facts to support the decision of yours, whether you want the G9X or perhaps the Sony RX100, since it is not a question of which 1 is the best, it is a case of which one meets the requirements of yours most, and what type possesses the characteristics that you’re after.

Whether you are a professional looking for a brand new addition to the repertoire of yours or perhaps a hobbyist looking for an entry point, discovering an excellent camera that fits the needs of yours may be challenging. The industry is flooded with vast numbers of choices, and starting the search of yours could be tedious and daunting.

Canon G9X vs. Sony RX100 Comparison

Sony RX100

The Sony RX100 camera takes fantastic images and videos. It’s Hd video ability, tilting LCD for accommodating picture taking, and an excellent electronic viewfinder for much better picture framing. Additionally, it carries a good quality MIC to get sounds. Nonetheless, this particular camera is missing a touchscreen for ease of usage and does not have a recording ability for creative shooting. It more than compensates for these cons with night battery life as well as the selfie-friendly LCD screen.


  • It’s high ISO performance in light that is low, meaning it is able to take brilliant photos, regardless of the light conditions.
  • It’s a built-in ND filter as well as a bigger aperture to be used in stable light conditions
  • The built-in electronic viewfinder offers much better image control.
  • The digital camera shoots & amp; data in both JPEG formats and RAW.


  • The camera does not have any touchscreen.
  • The camera has no outside flash footwear for flash photography.

Canon G9X

This digital camera produces sharp, good, and transparent images, like the overall DSLR performance. And Canon G9X Camera is a good fit for people needing compact cameras that produce better quality images. This camera even offers a recording feature for a touchscreen and creative photography for easy use. This digital camera is most suitable for travel photographers or perhaps pupils, as it’s some manual control buttons and provides DSLR quality video and pictures. But at a quarter of a fraction and the weight of the cost.


  • The modern face recognition and red-eye correction aids in producing bright, natural-looking, and well-balanced faces
  • Shoots in RAW formats and both JPEG
  • The optical image stabilization attribute eliminates shakiness and blur in both videos and images without degrading the quality
  • Portable and light-weight
  • The touchscreen makes this particular camera easy to use


  • The camera app is not too simple to use
  • It doesn’t have an inbuilt GPS to track the location of yours.

Canon G9 X vs. Sony RX100: Physical Body and Specs Features Comparison

Size and weight is a huge deciding factor when you’re looking for the perfect camera for the needs of yours. In this section, We’re going to illustrate Canon G9 X and Sony RX100 side-by-side from the front side, again and leading in their relative length and width.

  • Sensor

The scale of the imaging sensor is an essential determinant of picture quality. Other things equal, a big sensor is going to have larger individual pixel-units which can offer far better low light sensitivity, broader dynamic range, as well as a more vibrant color than smaller pixels inside a sensor of similar technological generation. Additionally, a vast sensor camera is going to give the photographer additional creative choices when using shallow depth-of-field to identify an issue from its background. On the downside, bigger sensors are much more expensive to manufacture as well as often lead to heavier and bigger lenses and cameras.

  • Feature

Beyond sensor and body, cams can and do differ across a variety of characteristics. The Canon G9X, as well as the RX100, are very similar in the feeling that neither of the 2 has a viewfinder. The pictures are, therefore, framed working with a new view on the back LCD. The next table reports on various other key element differences & amp; parallels of the Sony RX100, the Canon G9 X, along with similar cameras.

  • Body

An illustration of the actual physical weight and size of the Canon G9X camera, as well as the Sony RX100, is offered in the side-by-side screen below. The 2 cameras are given according to the relative size of theirs. 3 consecutive perspectives from the front side, the top part, so print, on the other hand, can be found. All width, level, and level dimensions are rounded to probably the nearest millimeter.


In the long run, each of these cameras is excellent, and considering they’re point-and-shoot cameras; they’ve actual specs and outstanding picture quality.

Today, as we received the comparison table from the way, I imagine you’ve enough arguments and facts to support the decision of yours. Nonetheless, I do believe that the Canon G9X Camera delivers much more value for cash, even though the Sony RX100 is much more feature-rich in a few ways, but it also lacks touchscreen features Canon G9X has.

If you decide to pick out between these cameras, I’d highly recommend you choose the Canon G9X; it is merely better in several ways, as well as the autofocus process can also be one reason which ought to persuade you that this digital camera is better.

Nevertheless, as I have stated in the novice, it often will depend on what features you have after; therefore, if the RX100 gives you those functions, you definitely must choose the Sony RX100.