Canon M5 vs Canon M50

Canon M5 vs Canon M50: Which is Better?

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Technological advancement has undergone a great evolution, allowing easy-to-use photographic and video cameras. Not to mention the great features these artifacts include so that you can get the funniest images at any time.

A great healthy competition is the one that Canon M5 vs Canon M50 have since both cameras have very similar qualities. However, by obtaining the necessary information, you will obtain all the relevant information about which one suits you best.

Both devices’ interfaces and the sensors they have will affect the product’s final price without a doubt. Having the differences between a Canon M5 vs. Canon M50 camera framed will guarantee you capture the best family memories.

Canon M5 vs. Canon M50 Comparison

Canon M50 vs Canon M5

What most leads to a comparison between these cameras are their features, which are very similar since they come from the same series. Just by knowing the most outstanding functions of both, you will have a better reference in which of these cameras will be the best.

For this reason, it is necessary to know everything you need regarding your display, dimensions, and battery to choose the best one.

Size & Dimensions

When discussing Canon M5 and Canon M50, it is important to consider everything related to both teams’ dimensions. Remember that the equipment transfer should be as less tedious as possible so that it does not affect you in any way.

In this sense, these two artifacts have a great similarity, reaching differences only by millimeters. However, the Canon M50 is smaller but only on the sides and the dimensions in its width, but it has other jumpers characteristics.

User Interface & Menus

Similarly, having a simple menu is the best option even for those who have a digital camera for the first time. It should be noted that many of these devices have a Bluetooth connection so that you can send them directly to your computer.

Video Quality

The video’s quality and format is another aspect that many people look for in their cameras. This will undoubtedly allow you to take pictures of the best moments you share with your family and loved ones.

Both devices’ video camera allows HD reproductions, so its resolution is excellent.

Image Quality

In this aspect, the megapixels that the equipment has are essential if you want to have all the detail in your photographs taken. In the same way, you must consider other functions and tools that will allow you always to obtain the best photographs.

A comparison has determined that the image quality of the Canon M50 is superior to that of its competition, the Canon M5. And looking at its characteristics, it is possible to deduce that it is correct since it has superior characteristics even in its sensors.


Keep in mind that a camera with oriented and stable autofocus will achieve the best photos even when moving. This possibility sensor is indispensable when you need to take a picture at a certain moment quickly.


When comparing Canon M5 and Canon M50, sensors shine at first without a doubt. Both the Canon m50 and the m5 have APS-C size 24mp resolution sensors, although it should be noted that there is a difference of mm.

Burst shooting speed

The camera has photographic burst sensors so that you can take several simultaneously. In this sense, the Canon M50 camera is superior since it has better sensors to absorb the light in your shots.

This sensor, also known as a burst, will allow you to take photographic captures while in motion. It should be noted that this feature, together with a high-resolution camera, is the most sought-after advantage by professional photographers.

Rear Displays

Both articles’ rear parts are very similar, marking differences in some ergonomic aspects of the model. An example of this is the screen display, which is larger on the Canon M5 camera.

This is possible thanks to the model of its screen in which they eliminate the curved corners of the Canon M50 model. By leaving the screen with sharp corners, you can take advantage of it by extending it slightly.


Price is a key factor when choosing the best camera, and that is why it is necessary to know in detail the most outstanding characteristics. Keep in mind that a camera with the best qualities will undoubtedly obtain higher demand and higher cost.

However, these brands’ cameras can be obtained cheaply and even at great discounts. Even because they are from the same series, these articles can get incredible promotions to get one free.

Battery life

Similarly, having a battery that has an acceptable duration is essential even when you have long trips. It should be noted that having the best tools on your device will also affect the battery time left to it.

The Canon M5 camera’s battery life has a much longer life than the Canon M50, and it is not because it has fewer tools. Because the Canon M50 camera has superior quality, it demands more energy when taking the shot.

Canon M5 vs. Canon M50: Which is best?

Deciding which camera best suits your needs and budget can certainly be a difficult task. However, considering some recommendations, you can have the best device and take the best photos.

That is why the Canon M50 camera is the one that can offer you the best photographs without losing the detail of all the landscapes.

  • Ergonomic and economic model

This camera’s size is indicated to hold it with one hand without any inconvenience. It should be noted that you can choose between 2 different models, even with different colors, to represent your mood.

Similarly, it is important to highlight its economy, which can offer you excellent qualities and capabilities at the best price.

  • Light adaptable sensors

The sensors’ tools to function successfully are indispensable in these devices. For this reason, the Canon M50 camera has a higher degree of megapixels, which allows them to adjust the light it projects in the environment where you take the picture.

This is an innovative feature that will allow you to get better memories of your family moments.

  • Battery life and image resolution

One of the Canon M50 camera highlights is its great battery power, which allows you to take more photos. It is important to note that all the features that this camera has do not diminish its battery power.

This is not to mention its large 24mp camera that will allow you to obtain all the details in each of the landscapes where you take photos.