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Sony A5000 vs Sony A5100: Which is Better?

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The Sony A5100 and Sony A5000 are one of the best digital cameras by Sony company, which was revealed to the public in the year 2014. Both of these digital cameras are mirrorless and interchangeable lens cameras that are equipped with an ASPC sensor. These cameras were considered as one of the best cameras ever made by Sony company, and there is always a comparison done by people between Sony A5000 vs. Sony A5100.

Dimension comparison of Sony A5000 vs. Sony A5100

  • Size

The Sony A500 and Sony A5100 cameras both have near about the same dimension. There is little difference in their dimension, which is negligible and would not create any problem for you while clicking photos.

  • Dimension

The dimension of the Sony A5100 is 110 mm x 63 mm x 36 mm, and it weighs around 283 grams, including the weight of the battery. While the dimension of the Sony A5000 109 mm x 63 mm x 36 mm weighs about 269 grams, including the weight of batteries.

How does the user experience compare between Sony A5000 vs. Sony A5100?

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  • User interface and menus

Both of these cameras had a similar type of user interface and menus, which makes them a little identical to each other. The automatic mode of the cameras works much properly for the people who have just begun photography. Both of these cameras also provide people with several manual controls for more season photography.

  • Video quality

The Sony A5100 can record videos of 1080/60 fps videos. It also allows for the bit rate of 50 Mbps. This camera also has the ability to record video of 720p simultaneously while recording video of high quality. In contrast, the video quality of the Sony A5000 is 1080/60i. This camera is very good for those who want to do vlogging due to its video quality.

  • Photo quality

Sony A5100 camera produces excellent photos, which is highly attractive. This camera has an extensive and also very usable range of ISO, which is from 100 to 25600. The images captured by it had accurate colors, and the noise produced while click photos can be controlled. On the other hand, the Sony A500 camera also produces excellent images, and it has an ISO range of 100 to 16000. This camera provides you with acceptable results and is very good for emergency usage.

  • Autofocusing

The a5100 camera comes with 179 phases detecting AF points with the 25 contrast detecting points. It means that this camera would be able to capture any unpredictable movement of your kids without any problem. It can lock that movement within 0.07 seconds, which is impressive. While Song A5000 is not as good as Sony A5100 but it can also capture many unpredictable movements of your child, which is a good thing.

The difference in technologies used in the cameras

  • Sensor

The Alpha5100 camera of Sony has an APSC sensor which is of dimension 23.5 x 15.6mm and area of near around 366.60 mm square. It is about 12 percent smaller than an average mirrorless sensor in this class, which is not a significant difference for which you need to worry. In comparison, the Alpha5000 camera has an APSC cmes sensor, which is an impressive thing. This sensor allows the camera to capture videos and photos of high quality.

  • Burst shooting speed

The Song Alpha51000 camera has a power of continuous shooting speed of about 6 fps, which is a very good number. Its maximum speed is only 3.7 fps slower than mirrorless camera burst shooting speed, which indicates that this camera is very good. Simultaneously, the continuous shooting speed of the Aplha5000 camera is slugging with only 3.3 fps, which is not such good. However, this camera is able to provide people with acceptable video and image quality, which makes it worth it.

  • Rear Displays

Both of these cameras feature a 3 inch TFT LCD, which helps those who wanted to do vlogging or want to take selfies. But, then also, there is not such good improvement in Sony A5100 camera. And, the Alpha5000 camera lacks resolution. As the Alpha5100 camera has a screen touch display because the user can click photos and record videos more perfectly, it is better than the SonyA5000 camera in terms of display. So, if your priority is also the display, then the A5100 could be one of the best ones for you.

  • Battery life

Both Sony Alpha5000 and Alpha 51000 use the same batteries that are NP-FW50 batteries. However, the Aplha5000 has a better battery life as compared to the Alpha5100. The reason is that Alpha5000 provides people with a battery life of about 420 shots, whereas Alpha5100 offer you with 400 shots battery life. Though there is not much difference, it is the thing which makes the Alpha5000 a good camera.

  • Price

The price of the Sony Alpha5100 is about 44,328 rupees, which is not much expensive. The features and all the benefits this camera provide people make it worth it for them and also using this camera is not so tough, so you will never find that you made a wrong investment. In contrast, the price of Sony Alpha5000 ranges from 230 dollars to 360 dollars. You can choose your camera according to your requirement. This camera is not so expensive and can easily fit in your budget at present.

Which one is best among these two cameras?

Both of these cameras are very good as they provide people with high-quality photos and video, which is impressive. However, several improvements were made to the Sony A5100 camera; it is the best among them. And, this camera is total with it for your money. This camera consists of very good qualities, and it provides you many good features and has excellent battery life, which can allow you to capture every special moment.

In the present time, if you are thinking of buying a camera which can easily fit in your budget, then you buy the Sony A5000 vs. Sony A5100. Both of these cameras are very good are provides people with many excellent features such as continuous shooting mode. Also, both of these cameras have a good battery life so that you can capture every special moment.