sony a5100 vs a6000

Sony A5100 vs A6000: What is the difference?

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Both are amazing cameras that contain interchangeable lenses at the input levels and share a wide variety of imaging capabilities. Each of these adapts to a demographic for all of their users very differently and have characteristics that separate them. Without a doubt, Sony is a giant company that has spent a long time developing cameras for its customers.

The Sony A5100 is the latest delivery brand still camera that does not contain entry-level 5000 series mirrors. It was a camera launched in the fall of 2014, and its goal was to expand the APS-C line of the already existing interchangeable cameras. Experts consider it to be a much better camera than its older sister is, the A6000 is, and this one has a complete revision of the predecessor.

The Sony A6000 is considered one of the cameras with an APS cropped sensor included without any mirror. This model was launched on the market in the summer of 2014 and had the main objective of persuading all future photographers who jump into the ecosystem. Most professional photographers became very impressed with this new Sony model’s technological prowess, achieving the main objective.

Sony A5100 vs Sony A6000

Sony A6000 vs A5100

Size and dimensions

When it comes to dimensions and sizes, there are some differences between the Sony a5100 vs. a6000. The Sony 6000 series is much heavier than the 5000 series. It weighs 285 g. On the other hand, the Sony 5000 series weighs 224 g, making the 6000 series camera weighing more than 20%.

Regarding the chambers’ width and depth, there are also significant differences between them. One has 120mm x 45mm measurements, while the other has its 63mm x 36mm measurements. These differences in their dimensions are insignificant and will not affect people’s choice about these cameras.

User interface and menus

The Sony A5100 lacks a powerful menu of functions that allows people to have much faster access. This camera’s function menu immediately provides a wide variety of components in the one-button shooting. This Sony model is not necessarily made to target an audience that requires quick customization.

The Sony A6000 offers a customization and versatility level not available in other models. This model can customize the five main navigation buttons like the other camera. The user interfaces, menus, and different customizations are quite similar between these two fascinating cameras.

Video quality

The two cameras share the same sensor, the reproduction of the colors, the videos’ quality, the sharpness, and the dynamic range. In this regard, the Sony a5100 vs. a6000 does not have great differences since both cameras record all videos in Full HD quality (1080p for 60 frames/second). The videos’ recording times are limited in both to about 29 minutes and 59 seconds standard.

The slight minor differences between these two cameras are that the 5000 series has a unique mode called “Dual Recording.” This mode allows all people to save video files that have low quality simultaneously.

Image quality

Both cameras have the same sensors (Exmor CMOS APS-C) of about 24.3 megapixels available and have a powerful image processor in the images. As both cameras have the same sensors, there are no differences in the quality of the images provided by these Sony models. Thanks to 24-megapixel sensors, ample space can be created for clipping publications and large format printing.


Autofocus is the same for Sony cameras (5000 and 6000 series), and both have the recognized heritage of the brand’s hybrid phase-detection technologies. The two cameras include 179 AF points, of which 25 are for detecting various contrasts. The slightest difference that people can detect in autofocus is that the Sony A6000 has slightly faster AF performance.


The 5000 series camera lacks a cleaning mode on its weird internal sensors. It only has a protective coating for the optical filter charge. On the other hand, the 6000 series camera has an ultrasonic vibration mechanism that remains standard, and the sensors reduce the depth of field. In this regard, people will notice the differences in the sensors that the different series of Sony cameras have.

Burst shooting speed

The Sony A5100 has a high continuous burst speed of about six fps, much faster than its predecessor (3.5 fps), and contains an automatic focus. This small and much more compact camera provides digital input levels favored by photographers. The performance of this Sony camera model offers not only burst shooting but also incredible resistance.

The Sony A6000 has a much faster performance exceeding 11 frames per second for 5 seconds in each of the captured images. If people value long bursts and consider them much more important, the 6000 series camera is the ideal choice.

Rear screens

Both cameras have excellent LCD screens on the rear, and these are identical in terms of resolution and size. The two cameras offer 3.0-inch screens and resolutions that reach 921 K per point. However, the difference is starting to show in the Sony a5100 vs. a6000 regarding the joints and the different functions.

The rear screen of the 5000 series lacks sufficient brightness for people to have a better proper viewing. On the other hand, the 6000 series camera has an electronic viewfinder that offers 100% coverage of the image area.


The Sony A6000 is on the market for an incredible price of $ 649, and it will provide everyone with high-resolution images. This camera weighs less (50-100 grams) than other models on the market for a similar price. On the other hand, the Sony A5100 offers each of its buyer’s many images with the highest quality for only $ 500.

The quality of images that this camera offers at such a low price is an excellent option or a plan b for photographers. It can be used as an excellent back-up camera that doesn’t have a high-end mirror.

Battery duration

These two cameras’ battery life presents notable differences and competition between the Sony a5100 vs. a6000. Between these two cameras, the 5000 series battery is much better and unexpected as it contains a touch screen that normally consumes a lot of power. The 6000 series cameras only offer 360 images on a single charge available to users, the battery being not very durable.

Sony A5100 vs A6000: Which is the best?

The best decision will always depend on the people who want to have a camera depending on how you shoot. Although it is a close battle, the Sony A5100 is the best in some respects:

  • Size and weight

The Sony A5100 is a camera that has a much lighter weight and is more comfortable to carry. Its measurements are 2.5 x 4.3 x 1.4 inches.

  • LCD screen

The 5000 Series camera screens are touch-sensitive and serve as a menu interface, allowing all users to choose a focus. The monitor makes the screen rotate about 180 degrees.

  • Autofocus

The Sony A5100 has a focus with an amazing touch screen and that, with this function, all users can select the focus of the cameras.

  • Controls

This camera allows users to have much more convenient use on touch screens and anyone to operate it.

  • Market price

The Sony A5100 camera is much less expensive than other brand models. However, just because it is inexpensive does not mean that it is inferior or less quality.