Sony A7 Vs Sony A6000

Sony A7 Vs Sony A6000: Which is Better?

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You can currently find many websites and platforms on the internet to help you get the best camera today. However, you must know all the characteristics and advantages that some cameras have from others to have what you are looking for.

You can compare Sony A7 vs. Sony A6000 cameras where their functions are specified even on some websites. Many of these digital platforms even have tools to mark their differences.

Keep in mind that both cameras are the best to hit the market, and they have amazing qualities compared to the other. Knowing the differences between the Sony A7 vs. the Sony A6000 camera will allow you to choose the best one for you without a doubt.

Sony A7 vs. Sony A6000 Comparison

Sony A6000 Vs Sony A7

It is important to mention that the brand is very recognized for all the artifacts it has developed for many years. In this sense, cameras are a strong point of this great company, which has branches in many parts of the day.

Today, these artifacts are very useful to save and remember unforgettable moments with your family. Best of all, you can share these photos directly on your social networks thanks to its operating system and interface.

It is also important to highlight a comparison between the Sony A7 vs. Sony A6000 to know which of these two suits you best.

Size & Dimensions

It is also important to highlight these devices’ size since your best option is a camera that is easy to transport. Therefore, a recommendation is that you have devices that you can carry with one hand unless you are looking for professional cameras.

An example of this is the framed difference in the overall dimensions of these two most used cameras today. The Sony A7 has a general size of 577cc where its thickness has an exact measurement of 48.2mm.

While the A6000 camera has a size of 362cc and has a smaller thickness of just 45.1mm, similarly, both cameras’ weight is important when choosing the one that best suits you.

User Interface & Menus

Similarly, it is necessary to have the best display so that the options to choose from are understandable and easy to use. In this case, the cameras’ resolution will be very important to have greater depth and detail when taking the pictures.

One outstanding feature is that some of these brands have a user interface with different menus. The best of all is that many of these screens have touch sensors to make your options to choose more comfortable.

Video Quality

The most sought-after features in a Sony A7 vs. Sony A6000 comparison mostly have to do with your videos’ quality. Both cameras have 24mp resolution sensors; however, the Sony a7’s sensor is full frame.

While the Sony a6000’s camera sensor is APS-C, the screen images may look smaller. Because the sony a7 has a larger sensor allowing them to collect more light to obtain a certain aperture.

Image Quality

The number of lenses available is a factor to consider when choosing a camera with interchangeable lens availability. Keeping in mind between these cameras is that they have 128 native lenses available, but the photosensor can affect their performance.


When you choose a camera, you should consider, apart from the sensor, its stability when taking photos or recording a video. Again the pixels and the resolution of these cameras will make the difference so that you do not have any problem taking your photos.


If the comparison between these two cameras is made, the Sony a7 has a 2.3 times larger sensor than the Sony a6000. This is a great feature that will allow the photographer to fully control the depth of field and take an excellent shot.

Keep in mind that a camera with a small sensor will give you images with blurred backgrounds.

Burst shooting speed

For some professional photographers, shutter speed is of the utmost importance for capturing images while in motion. This will create a great optical illusion that will enhance its photographs and expose them to a particular place.

In this particular, the Sony a7 camera is the most recommended due to its optical lens, which will allow you to take excellent photographs.

Rear Displays

The body of the entire photography camera should be ergonomic enough so that you can hold it for several minutes. For this reason, both cameras have the necessary properties to be comfortable enough to move it and take the photos you want.


In the same way, price is a very important factor in these cases, and it will greatly influence the choice of one camera and another. It is also necessary that you know that the benefits and advantages that one camera has compared to another can considerably increase its price.

However, many of these digital platforms sometimes have discounts and promotions so you can get yours at a reasonable price.

Battery life

Battery life is also essential when choosing a camera. However, you must bear in mind that the active functions and even the lighting settings and video or photographic cameras can reduce its battery.

Something to take into account is that both cameras have a removable battery, so you can replace it at any time you want. And thanks to its rechargeable battery, you will not need any power source to be able to use it.

Sony A7 Vs Sony A6000: Which is best?

Without a doubt, making a quick decision between these two cameras is difficult if you do not know their most outstanding characteristics. However, there is no doubt that the Sony a7 camera has the best advantages compared to the Sony a6000.

  • Its size

The Sony a7 has a size of 127x94x48mm compared to the Sony a6000, which has dimensions of 120x67x45mm.

  • The price

Although these cameras are not the most up-to-date on the market, it has a fair price that goes according to the characteristics that it will offer you.

  • Wide sensor

The Sony a7 camera has a large sensor that allows a resolution of 24mp to take high-quality photographs.

  • Touch screen and menu

The menu screen is a key factor for these artifacts as it will allow you to choose all the necessary settings for your camera more quickly.

  • Full HD resolution

Another great feature that the Sony a7 camera has is its full HD video resolution of 1920×1080, which allows 4K resolution. For all these reasons, if you have a Sony a7 camera, you can take better quality photos.