Sony A7r III Vs Sony A7 III

Sony A7r III Vs Sony A7 III: Which is Better

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Sony is a giant brand adapted for a long time in its alpha line completely. The Sony A7R III and Sony A7 III are amazing cameras available in the market, presenting some differences. 

The people is the one who has the last word when it comes to choosing the best and the one with the highest range.

Sony A7r III Vs A7 III

Sony A7r III Vs Sony A7 III which is better

The Sony A7R III is a photographic camera successfully launched in the Alpha 7 series. It was originally launched in the fall of 2017, and it was aimed at convincing all serious and professional photographers. It was marked as a camera that served perfectly as a direct replacement for the Canon 5D Mark IV and another Sony model.

The Sony A7 III is a complete camera with about 24.2 megapixels and does not contain mirrors, and was one of the most anticipated cameras. It represents a much more comprehensive choice of the Alpha 7 line of frame cameras than Sony adapts to demographics. It was released in the spring of 2018, and it was an incredible surprise to the world as this camera lives without limited mirrors.

Size and dimensions

At first glance, from all those who wish to compare between the Sony a7r iii vs. a7 iii, both are cameras that are completely indistinguishable. When it comes to weight, these cameras’ dimensions and sizes are incredibly the same and have no differences (a very slight one in weight). The two cameras measure 126.9 x 95.6 x 73.7mm. The Sony A7 III (650 grams) and the Sony A7R III (657 grams) are in weight.

User interface and menus

The Sony A7 III has a tab called “My menu,” It is fully customizable by all users who have this camera. After the menu is configured, it allows users to have a central location to find commonly used settings. The initial settings are complicated at the beginning. However, they can be overcome by anyone without any problem.

The Sony A7R III has a customizable menu page as well, and that after the headaches, it is very easy to use. Only with proper initial familiarization will people fully customize the menu with the different layouts according to the users’ needs.

Video quality

Both Sony cameras offer astonishing frame rates, codec, and bit rates. Both cameras have the capabilities to record videos in 4K (Ultra HD) up to 30 frames per second (100 Mbps) and 120 frames per second (100 Mbps). However, the Sony A7R III does not have additional cropping available when shooting 4K quality videos at 30 frames per second.

Image quality

Among the Sony a7r iii vs. a7 iii, the Sony A7R III dominates in the images and resolutions’ capacity and quality with huge 42.4 CMOS sensors. Sensor resolution is one of the most notable separators between Sony’s cameras. The Sony A7R III offers users a 45% increase in resolution over the sensors (24.2 megapixels out of the 7).

Taking advantage of the slightly larger sensors’ different capacities represents a greater inconvenience for those who need higher quality lenses. Larger sensors also increase file sizes and the demand for storage on SD cards.


Autofocus is one of the areas that separate the systems between the two cameras, and it is the Sony A7 III where it completely takes the lead. This offers a much more superior system and inherits the same system from Sony’s flagship A9 cameras that offer this camera a hybrid system. The Sony A7R III, by contrast, only offers a 399-point system, which causes almost a 45% reduction in total coverage.

The Sony A7 III’s increased coverage offers a much more automatic focus robust in speed and precision. However, the two cameras offer face and subject tracking. This function works even when objects are hidden.


There is a difference between the resolutions and the sensors between the Sony a7r iii vs. a7 iii. The Sony A7 III contains 24.2 megapixels, while the Sony A7R III has 42.4 megapixels. The technology used for both “Full Frame” sensors in the two cameras is identical, and both include a BSI structure that gathers more light than those more conventional sensors.

The front-facing LSI chip improves each of the cameras’ reading and processing speeds. The Sony A7R III camera sensor is one of the best that the giant Sony has built to date in its EVIL cameras.

Burst shooting speed

The Sony A7R III shows some improvements in power with each of the dual-slot options that allow people to improve workflow in bursts. This camera offers double speed in the shots, going from 5 Fps to a staggering 10 Fps. Also, it allows up to 28 RAWs consecutively, which reaches 76 in JPEG.

The burst shooting mode makes the Sony A7 III try to take photos one after another as quickly as possible. The bursts (photos per second) depend on a configured shutter’s physical speeds or the internal processors’ capacity. The burst shots used with this camera are perfect for sports, photographing animals, and any general situation.

Rear screens

The rear screens with both cameras are fully tiltable and touch; however, the Sony A7R III resolution is 1440 K. On the other hand, the Sony A7 III is 921 K when it comes to pixels.


The price is a big significant difference from the Sony a7r iii vs. a7 iii since both do not have the same value in the market. The Sony A7 III can combine all the highest quality photos and videos with a state-of-the-art autofocus system. With all these advantages, this camera is available to all people at a very affordable price, being a model that is widely chosen by photographers.

The Sony A7R III is one of the much more expensive models that the brand has available since it contains a powerful 42MP sensor. It has great, very exceptional characteristics that are highly comparable with the previous Sony model.

Battery duration

Both Sony cameras use batteries from the same brand, with the FZ-100 being redesigned and providing users with much greater longevity. Compared to the other models on the market, the battery is used online. However, the Sony A7R III provides a slightly shorter battery life than the large sensor that delivers 650 shots per charge.

The Sony A7 III is one of the cameras that currently has the sufficient efficiency of all the A7 models that the brand has on the market. It can record up to 710 images and 610 if the screen is used and the battery life remains stable and functional. The similarity between these two Sony cameras is that they can be charged via a USB device.

Sony A7r III Vs A7 III: Which is the best?

Sony has taken care to provide its users with the best cameras. Among the Sony A7 III and Sony A7R III, the best is the Sony A7 III due to:

  • A best all-around shooter

It takes the features borrowed from the other more successful models in the line and makes the videos and images look much more professional. However, both cameras are almost identical in this regard.

  • Home camera

Its flaws are very limited, and none of them can cause such significant damage in capturing images and videos.

  • Price

The Sony A7 III is a camera that has a price that competes with a variety of cameras in the APS-C size. The price is very affordable and cheaper than the Sony A7R III.

  • Frames

Provides a variety of benefits in fuller frames that mostly feature depth of field, light performance, and much more.

  • Professional photographs

It is an excellent option for all professional photographers who want to capture the beauty, landscapes, high-end fashion, and much more in their images.